Communication thought holistically

Above all, effective communication needs one thing: credibility. Achieving this requires conception and strategy. From consulting and implementation through various communication tools to analyzing the results: Our work is geared towards reaching and convincing your target audiences.


Story Development:
Establish an Identity

What makes your company an original? Since Storymaker's inception, we have helped clients understand and articulate their narrative core. With Story-Studio®, we've developed our own effective methodology to get where we want to go throughout the stakeholder journey.

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Eine starke Verbindung von Japan nach Deutschland

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Content: Tell the whole story

Communication requires the right formats: Depending on the communication channel, text, video, audio, graphics or pictures bring out different aspects and characteristics of storytelling. From press releases to interactive customer magazines or corporate videos, we cover a broad spectrum of content production.

Cases Content Creation

Eine starke Verbindung von Japan nach Deutschland

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Make an Impact

No storytelling without touchpoints: In the end, the content has to fit the target group. Whether we are placing companies in the press, creating a magazine for customers, reaching Chinese target groups on WeChat or conducting live communication from the trade fair, Storymaker has the portfolio and expertise for classic PR, corporate media, content creation, sustainability communication, international PR and digital marketing.

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