Every company is an original

From the inside out – that's how we develop content and communication for your brand. Creatively, effectively, methodically.

Why Is Your Company The Way It Is?

The story gets to the heart of the company's identity. This is not just a task for communications and marketing. We see the company as a whole: Where does it come from, where does it want to go? What spirit lives in the company? Why and for whom are the competencies relevant? "Turning companies into success stories" - that has been Storymaker's credo from the very beginning. The development of the Core Story is our expertise, with which we advise and support you operationally.

The Story is Everywhere

With storytelling, we make the identity and culture of your company tangible and visible. In production, in human resources, in sales, in daily interaction and in the way a company looks after its customers - exciting approaches are everywhere. We develop comprehensible narratives from complex technology topics and convey them in a simple, multimedia-based way that is geared to the target groups. In this way, they achieve the greatest possible benefit for your company.

The Storystudio®:
Know Thyself

Is your company in transition or in the process of being founded? Do you want to address new topics and markets, and be sustainable and future-oriented? In Storystudio®, we work with executives and the communications team to develop your company's core story and derive the communications strategy from it. The modular workshop, which we of course also offer virtually, has been tried and tested for many years and is based on a proprietary method geared to effectiveness and creativity. We help companies to review internal and external perceptions in a story check, translate their positioning into themes and develop story-based publications and campaigns.

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