Shaping the future in a sustainable, positive way – that is the goal of most Storymaker customers. And the basis of our work.

Responsible Communication

Storymaker has been a partner of the Weltethos Institute (Global Ethic Institute) in Tübingen since 2019. In a joint initiative, we started the project "Responsible Communication", which today involves multiple agencies and experts. Corporate communication can play an important role in shaping the digital transformation as well as the sustainable development of organizations. But for this to happen, communicators must be involved in decision-making, gain knowledge about ethical principles and new technologies such as artificial intelligence, and be able to position themselves with an eye to the future.We offer consulting, support and training to help them achieve this.

Corporate Communication and PR in Flux

The internet and social media have brought about massive changes in the communications industry. Many communicators are stressed, overwhelmed and anxious about the future. And the changes will only intensify in the coming years. Storymaker follows a digital and agile approach and has cultivated a multimedia service portfolio. we use tools for more efficient processes and data-driven communication, and we develop new formats for dialog communication. At the same time, we care about the independence of the press, freedom of expression and privacy. We will not have the one perfect answer for many challenges. But we promise that trustworthiness has been, is, and always will be the cornerstone of our communication philosophy. That's why we are working intensively on topics revolving around "Responsible Communication".

Artificial Intelligence and Ethical Communication

Marketing and communication are among the biggest application areas for artificial intelligence. And while voice or image assistants and communication analysis can offer enormous potential, they also present a number of risks and potential gray areas. Who bears responsibility for automated content? How can we control chatbots and the black box, how reconcile personalized user data with data protection? We grapple with questions like these in the Cyber Podcast featuring experts from the worlds of science, technology and business. And we support you with communicating issues around artificial intelligence and other innovations – both internally and externally.

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